Thursday, February 26, 2015

2/26 New Additions + BONUS COUPON & CT POW!

Hi everyone!!
I hope you enjoyed last week's Pickle Barrel!
 Of course all the other wonderful Packs and Bundles are available and on sale this week!
See the Collection HERE

This week I've moved some great products into my Pickleberrypop Store.
(so check your stash first!!)
Capture those moments that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
25% OFF the Kit & Extra Packs...35% OFF the Bundle...PLUS you get a fabulous pack of coordinating Stackers FREE with your Bundle purchase!
 Here's just a little sampling of what you can create!
(the Distressed Photo Masks are really cool!)

Next up....Blendits Layered Template 5 to add to your stash!
25% OFF!
 You too can create these artsy pages below with this template not only with my kits but with any kit you have on hand!
They're so easy to use! 

A super fun assortment of elements, accents, papers, glitter and more for all of
those moments you feel like celebrating!
25% OFF!
 A little inspiration for you!
Here's a little coordinating freebie for you which you can download HERE:

Save 25% OFF and add some fun to your pages with Mishmashed Edges 2!
 Play with blend modes, clip papers to them...the sky's the limit!  
Need a little jump start...check out my tutorial HERE

And of my favorite Collections...
(I love the turquoise and orange!)
25% OFF Kit & Extra Packs...35% OFF the Bundle!
 Here's another wonderful coordinating freebie for you!
Download HERE

One more thing....the CT Pick-of-the-Week!
CTM Jan chose Family Ties - Fusion Kit for this week's POW!
45% OFF plus you get a FWP!

Here's a little something for everyone! 

Valid through March 5th!
Use up to 10 times!

See all the new additions in my store HERE
(and don't forget to check your stash first)

Have a great weekend!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

TUTORIAL - Using Mishmashed Edges

Hi Everyone!

I had a request for a little tutorial on how to use my Mishmashed Edges!
(this tutorial was created using PS CS5 but can be applied to PSE)

There are so many things you can do with them using my new

1 (and most important) -  Always start with the background paper you want to use.
(of course you can always switch it out at any time)
2 - Drag one of the Mishmashed Edges on top and change the Blend Mode. 
If I'm using just the edge itself, these are my 2 favorites, Overlay & Soft Light:
Here's a paper with one of the Mishmashed Edges using the Overlay Blend Mode
 Same edge but the blend mode is now Soft Light
It all depends on what effect you want to achieve.
You can even play with the opacity as well.
The key is just to experiment with different blending modes!

3. Another way to use these is to drag another paper on top and clip it to the edge
*(Ctrl + Alt + G or Command + Alt + G)
Again….play with different paper combinations!
(there's no wrong way to use these!)

4. You can also live on the edge and combine 2 or more of the Mishmashed Edges together,
merge them and then clip a paper to it for a bolder look!
Or just clip papers to each edge layer!
Cool right?

5.  Mishmashed Edges can also be used be used to frame photos!
Just resize the edge to fit your picture and clip a paper to it or change the blend mode!

Here are a few example layouts from my Creative Team
I hope this little tutorial has helped you to become more comfortable with my Mishmashed Edges!
 As always...if you have any questions...don't hesitate to email me HERE 

Here are a few more samples using my Mishmashed Edges 1 and a few other Kits you can find
in my PBP Store
One last little tip:
Using the concept of "clipping"...
(I have an asterisk by it in Step 3)
This is the same thing you can do with any of my BlendIts & Mask products!
(you can even clip photos to them!)

The key to all of this is just to have fun and don't be afraid to experiment!

Have a fabulous day!